Jul 252012

Freedom Foods co-founder Molly Creelman keeps the ingredients are simple and natural. “The recipes are inspired from the buttercream frostings that I used to enjoy when I was a little girl, the time in my life when my mother and grandmothers called me Miss Molly. Now I am a mother with two young boys, Edward and Charlie, and I started Miss Mollys so that my children, and their friends, could experience the goodness that I was fortunate enough to have during my childhood.” Treat your little “cupcakes” to Miss Molly’s. Ready to use, in refrigerated dairy or dessert, there is no need for a mixer, nothing more to buy, or add in, and no mess to clean up!

“I love frosting and in any given week it seems that, for better or worse, its not hard to come by. As a family, living in Hanover, New Hampshire, we have so many frosting occasions to attend: from school celebrations, birthday parties and holiday get-togethers to barbeques, fundraisers and athletic events. My family and I are particularly dedicated to eating frosted treats when we have the chance to at these gatherings; and at the same time, I am equally dedicated to staying far away from hydrogenated oils and artificial ingredients. Unfortunately, Ive found that the two, frosting and artificial ingredients, are often one and the same.

Knowing that there were no authentic, natural, ready to use buttercream frostings out in the market, I decided to put my time into creating Miss Mollys Provisions” frostings. My goal is to help people, with busy lives, provide their friends and loved ones with a better tasting frosting, a natural, ingredients to live withᆴ frosting. So while I have not created world peace, I hope that you will agree that it is helpful to have available. Enjoy frosting your special occasions!”

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