Jul 252012

Freedom Foods and our producers are passionate about our products. We make informed decisions regarding the ingredients based on quality, consistency, purity and taste. Many of our producers use local dairy, maple, fruit, proteins, and grains as primary ingredients. Production is completed in controlled batch sizes and there is a story to the product and real people behind the package.

Freedom Foods provides producers a trusted local partner to distribute their goods to accounts in a direct, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

From our new location in Randolph, Vermont, Freedom Foods supports specialty food distribution, food production, and retail operations. The Freedom Food Culinary center supports the production of a number of brands including specialty foods marketed under Hillside Lane Farm organic mixes, cheese spreads and condiments; Miss Molly’s Buttercream Frosting; Vermont Morning Cereal, Funlicious Foods Snacks, Fancy Free dessert sauces, and Vermont Maple Passions.

We have supported companies during their start up and early growth phases including Good Taste frozen gourmet Macaroni & Cheese; Whitney’s Castleton Cracker; Vermont Naturals Vinaigrettes; ER Kitchens condiments; and Tokies Baking Mixes.

Our carbon footprint is small and our close relationships with each producer are valued! Their products are top notch and their business ethics, family and community values demonstrate an appreciation of and a commitment to foster the world we all live in.

Visit our Hillside Lane Farm online store for a cornucopia of natural and crafted in Vermont products!

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